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Flowers: by Patty Hankins

Sunset Miami Fringed Tulips


Patty’s photographs are beyond beautiful! And her dedication to her work and teaching is remarkable. Enjoy her website at Beautiful Flower Pictures.  That’s “Patty Hankins, Fine Art Floral Photographer”. Give yourself nature’s gift via Patty’s loving portrayals. You may even want to join one of her workshops.

I met Patty years ago at an AAUW national meeting, and she has been adorning my life with her special beauty ever since.


Responding to Anonymous Social Media Expressions of Suicide


What are the best practices for responding to anonymous (and possibly international) suicidal social media posts? Sunday, 10/5/14, 9pm CST our Suicide Prevention Social Media chat will be tackling this complex moral, ethical, and rather technical issue. Are there good international crisis resources? What are best practices? How can any “Good Samaritan” figure out how to do the right thing?

Earlier this summer, I (@DocForeman) received the following Facebook message fromPatricia F. Anderson (@PFAnderson on Twitter),  an experienced alum of the Health Care Social Media  community:

“Yesterday I was checking out a new-ish anonymous social network service that my son had gotten into. Almost immediately after getting into it I saw a post “I want to die.” To make a long story short, it took 8 hours to get gender, approximate location, prior medical history & suicide attempts, and current medical history (ie. having not eaten in 5 days). We talk about #SPSM, but what on earth do you DO? …I ended up contacting a health care colleague in Scotland for whom I had an email address, who gave me the contact information for an Edinburgh hotline w/ email. This was after trying the National (USA) hotline, who directed me to 911, which took me to our small town police department who had absolutely NO clue and took 4 hours to respond to the call.

“I heard from the girl this AM. That would be afternoon her time. She did attempt suicide again, was caught, and is now in the hospital, planning to sign herself out and try again. I updated the officials in Edinburgh.

“Is there a list of suicide hotlines & email address around the world?”

Not really, @PFAnderson. And that’s not a great system for getting care. It’s like CPR. There should be something simple that ANYONE can do to get help for a suicidal person on social media. @PFAnderson will be this week’s guest expert to facilitate a discussion on this topic.

via @PfAnderson and @Atoes84 chat with #SPSM on how to respond to anonymous social media expressions of #suicide #ideation 10/5/14 9pm CST.


Guggenheim, Bilbao

As a fan of Ron’s photography, this is one of my favorite galleries. The pix themselves are stunning, and the “back-stories” take me on compelling journeys. I could spend hours here.

Ron Scubadiver's Wild Life

Fog by Fujiko Nakaya Fog by Fujiko Nakaya

5 Photos in This Gallery

How does one photograph one of the most famous buildings in the world in a way says more about yourself as a photographer than the building itself?  Those who teach photography call the issue triteness.  Let me know how I did. I did get lucky because they turned on the fog machine while I was there.

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Viveka in Istanbul: “just magical”

“If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” Napoleon Bonaparte 


Thanks again to blog friend Viveka for another vicarious visit:  just magical.

via just magical.

Memory Lane in Sweden


Carving by Viveka’s Grandpa

My long-distance friend Viveka shared this intimate journey recently: one-trip-every-month; became 4.

via one-trip-every-month; became 4.

See the city, see São Paulo

Following Andy’s blog is become a commitment, it is so compelling. I recommend his blog to all those who care about big cities and their inhabitants.

the book is on the table

In the months prior to leaving Brazil I’d written about walking and psychogeography as means of finding new ways to see, explore and understand the complexities and unseen beauty of São Paulo. It was fitting then, that during those final few months I became increasingly aware of a stencilled call to arms which seemed to echo my own advocacy for urban exploration: 

'See the city' ‘See the city’

In the context of an iconic SP location like Parque Ibirapuera – where I took the photograph above – ‘ver a cidade’ (see the city) seems to convey a fairly straightforward observation: look how beautiful our city is. 

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Houston March Color

Ron Scubadiver's Wild Life

Door to Nowhere Door to Nowhere

10 Photos in This Gallery

These were photographed at various Houston locations, but mostly along Dowling Street in the Third Ward.

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not in london, but foggy

This is the latest and one of my favorite posts from one of my favorite blogs.


fog rolling in Playtime with Oscar, my new camera, straight after breakfast – we had a bit of sunshine to start with. Had big problems getting  my all-weather boots on, was struggling – for some reason my feet was so swollen …. took me about 20 min.

Had them for years and never had problems. With boots on feet and camera in hand …. It was very bitter and really an unpleasant day, but I just had to get out there and see what Oscar could do for me.

No doubt about it; Spring has arrived already … the park was full with snowdrops, crocus and winter aconite. Also the forsythia was nearly blooming … and some cheery trees (I think) had some blooms. Far too early, last year we waited until May nearly.

The birds was singing so I nearly got headache – all on the same time. I just manage to…

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Quick Post Trial

Catherine’s Dragonfly

Quick Post Trial

It works great! I recommend it! No more waiting until I get home and log on – by which time I may forget and a nice post is lost.

This should add a lot of spontaneity and enrichment to WordPress blogs.


Test of Gallery Feature


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